Rental & Leasing

J&B Leasing, Inc. was established in 1978 as a Vermont Corporation. As an IdeaLease affiliate we have access for our customers to over 400 locations throughout North America. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals, full service leasing and finance leasing.



  • Tandem Axle Sleeper
  • Tandem Axle Day Cab


  • 48′ Reefers
  • 34′ Reefers


  • 22′ Dry w/Liftgate Under CDL
  • 24′ Dry w/Liftgate Under CDL
  • 22′ Reefer Body

Need an extra unit during your busy season or a replacement unit for one down – give us a call for your rental needs.
Our rates are competitive! Call toll free at 1-800-639-1290


We are an IdeaLease location! Vehicle leasing is a choice being made by many businesses. Trucks are increasingly expensive to purchase and even more expensive to maintain. Give us a call to see if leasing would benefit your company.